05 February 2018

2 hard working Siberians looking for a new team!
Next month when we will back from the snow we will have 2 hard working Siberians looking for the right mushing home.
One girl just turn 4 years and is a very good command leaddog, her background goes back to mostly Vargevass, all very hard good working dogs and run long and mid distance races. The other is a very powerful male works as team/wheel dog just turn 6 years he is an imort from Sweden his background goes back to Sibersong/NorthWapiti/Anadyr with Iditarod veterans! He only wants one thing and that is working for you, he is very focus. We love to see him in a team that makes alot of km in snow. He also would be a great studdog!
If possible we would like to place both dogs together. They life in a pack of males and females and are very social to human and dogs and have good behavier, are good eaters, has run mid distance racers as Polar distance, Trans Thüringia, Nockberge longtrail.
For those mushers in Scandinavia we do have a home in Sweden between Östersund –Stromsund and the dogs can go with us when we go to our home in the summer.
For interest feel free to ask more information and price in privet message.
Video’s and pictures can be find on FB page Narmenak Siberian Huskies. of telefoon: 0032-(0)11 81 28 39.

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